Dave X (otherwise known as David J. Betowski) lives in warm Northern California and is an amateur artist in his free time.  His first experience with photography came at age 5, where he helped his dad develop Black and White photos in a makeshift darkroom in the family guest bathroom.  As the years went by, he learned to operate his dad's Pentax 35mm SLR, sufficiently good enough to take snapshots, but having no idea what the numbers meant.  Choosing to pursue a career in engineering, Dave X remained a snapshooter until receiving his first digital camera in 2003 (Nikon Coolpix 2100), and soon began his passion to capture scenery.  In 2008, he bought his first (and to this date only) DSLR and realized that one must shoot outside of Automatic mode.  Since 2009, he has studied under renowned Northern California and Upstate New York-based photographer Bonita Chimes.  Straight out of Kodak territory, Mrs. Chimes insists that all students shoot in fully manual mode and disdains electronic post-processing.  Being the biggest brown-noser Dave X, strongly follows her advice.  Dave X loves to photograph all the scenic wonders in the great state of California and anywhere else he travels, be it an exotic paradise or just his own backyard.

My Technique

I shoot in fully manual mode, with the only automatic setting enabled being autofocus.  I use a wide variety of filters on my lens and flash to pre-process the light.  I capture all images in RAW, performing any adjustments in Adobe Lightroom.  Nearly all my images were produced with minimal post-processing, mostly cropping and adjustments to exposure, contrast, and colors. None of my images contain "fakery," composites, or HDR.  In 2012, I decided to step backwards and purchase a 35mm film SLR.  I shoot in both Kodak Ektar and Fuji Velvia film, and have all developing and scanning performed by a commercial photo lab.  My film images have even less post-processing than my digital, in which I limit to cropping.

My Objective

With a day job in the high-tech industry combined with juggling hobbies and life's responsibilities, my life is very fast paced.  But when it comes to my imagery, I prefer to sit back and watch the world slowly pass me by.  Therefore, most of my images are stationary and relaxed.  Despite Nature's randomness, I always seek to capture patterns in all my images.  I capture order in chaos.


Dave X's images have been displayed at The Gallery at 48 Natoma, the Springville Center for the Arts, and the Genesee Community College. His works have also been published in the City of Folsom Parks & Recreation Guide and Folsom-Eldorado Hills Style Magazine. In 2012, his image "Escape from Experience" took first place in the Springville Center exhibition "Escape."

Please contact Dave X if you wish to purchase or license any image for personal or commercial use.